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Alternative Ways To Graduate 

Nova Scotia Virtual School offers online courses free to high school students enrolled in school.

Flexible Learning and Education Centres (FLECS) Day school at Bedford Central School and Night school at Citadel High School. Registration fees apply and other fees may apply.

Correspondence Studies Courses are not taught; you will follow a book and instruction book. It is independent studies. It usually takes 6 months to 1 year to complete a course. Course fees apply.

College of Continuing Education at Dalhousie University. Many courses are offered. University prep courses too (Writing, Chemistry 11 and 12 combined, Physics 11 and 12 combined, Biology 11 and 12 combined, Math12 and pre-Calculus)

Saint Mary's University Prep Courses Writing, Chemistry 11 and 12 combined, Physics 11, Physics 12, Biology (online), Math 12, Pre-Calculus.

HRSB Summer School 2014 Junior and High school courses.

Nova Scotia School for Adult Learner Must be 19 years of age and out of public school for 1 year and more.

GED testing

Other Education Routes